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Budapest City Breaks

The city of Budapest is split by the river Danube, into Buda and Pest. Buda has craggy hills topped by medieval ramparts, cobbled alleyways and the superb Royal Palace. Pest has a flat swathe of grand boulevards, museums, shops and nightlife. Its history is evident in its wide boulevards, public buildings, monuments and parks are all remnants of previous empires that once occupied it, however its vibrant atmosphere is evident as you walk its streets. Pest has a large selection of pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs. There are more than 120 hot springs bubble under Castle Hill and many have been tapped to provide exotic bathing so make sure that you take advantage of this natural phenomenon while in Budapest. Budapest offers exactly what every city break needs – it’s exotic, but not so exotic that you feel out of your depth!


Hungarian cuisine is rich, meaty and cheap and with tourism hitting new heights, the restaurant industry has rearranged itself to meet, greet and feed its new patrons as they expect. The development of the dining industry in Budapest has come a long way, and it now reaches high standards. If you’re looking for somewhere to go out to dinner, we would recommend Gundel, Karpatia and Central Kavehaz, as their food is delicious.


Hungarians drink hard and party late, so if you’re looking for amazing nightlife, Budapest is the city for you! The Linszt Ferenc Square is a buzzing little square flanked by trendy drinking holes where many start their night out, so if you’re looking for somewhere to have a few drinks we would recommend Cade Mediterran, Incognito or Oscar Café.


Shopping areas in Budapest are extremely well laid out, so you should find that the shops along the Vaci Utca or along the Nagy Korut meet with even the most discerning tastes. Budapest has had more than ten major shopping malls open, attracting some western retailers. One of the largest malls is the WestEnd City Centre Mall, which has over 400 shops and is situated close to the city’s Western railway station.

If you do one thing in Budapest......

Make sure to visit the Opera House, the Museum of Contempary arts, and the Rudas Gyogyfurdo baths. If you're looking for a club, then "Go to Bed" is a definite must see!