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Krakow City Breaks

The ancient royal capital of Poland, Krakow ranks with Prague and Vienna as one of the architectural gems of central Europe. Krakow is full of history and Old Town charm and was undamaged by World War II (in fact it has been listed by UNESCO as one of the world’s 12 most important historic sites). Krakow is a beautiful city, ideal for a short break to escape for a few days.

Krakow sits on the banks of the Vistula River and is home to a selection of medieval towers, cathedrals and castles, the intricate and the ancient. Its significance for Poland goes well beyond the aesthetic, for this was the country’s ancient royal capital, and the Catholic Church has often looked to Krakow for guidance in the past.

Kazmirez is the old Jewish quarter of the city. It is fast becoming the trendy part of town and all nightlife starts in the New Square – there are several bars around the New Square and you can out, have a few drinks and then hang out on the benches in the area.


If you’re looking for a few drinks then make sure to pay a visit to Stawlowe Mognolie, Alchemia and Czelkolada. The New Square is a great area to visit for a night out too, as it has a selection of bars that are close together.


When shopping in Krakow, you’ll be delighted to know that there is a great selection of shops to choose from. If you prefer the shopping mall experience then Galeria Kazimierz and Krakowska are essential ports of call for all your shopping needs, regardless of whether your objective is to spoil yourself or track down the perfect gifts for family and friends back home.

When in Krakow...

Make sure to visit the Vavel Castle as well as the house that Pope John Paul II resided in during his time as bishop of Krakow. Across from this house is a gorgeous church with an official replica of the Turin Shroud from the Vatican. A day trip to the Salt Mines is a must, and if you’re interested in history then you can visit the Auschwitz internment camp to get a handle on the size of the crimes committed during World War II.