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Madrid City Breaks

Madrid has evolved its unique character as a city that represents Spain at its best: vibrant, humane and down to earth, where people enjoy life with an intensity that is contagious. Just being there makes you feel better, and it’s one of the best city breaks around.

The city is full of trees and royal parks as well as city squares and is one of Europe's art cities. In the Triangulo del Arte you will find a trio of art galleries - the Prado, the Reina Sofia and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, and these are a must for anyone who is interested in art.

Galleries and sights aside, you will soon realise that it's the inhabitants - the Madrilenos - that are the capital’s key attraction; they don't believe the night was made for sleep. Picturesque bars overflow with revelling insomniacs, particularly in the now ultra-hip barrios of La Latina and Chueca. The weekend starts on Thursdays in Madrid - people dine at 11 p.m. and clubs close only for breakfast, so make sure that you’re prepared!


Madrid is home to many amazing restaurants, but we would recommend that you visit Zalacain, Al Norte and La Musa. Make sure that you make a reservation first though!


In Madrid, nightlife starts late and goes on until well into the morning and Madrid has a well-earned reputation as a city that knows and loves to party. If you’re looking for somewhere to have a few drinks or for a club to visit, we’d recommend Del Diego, El Parnasillo, Fortuny, Joy Eslava and Palacio Gaviria.

When in Madrid...

Make sure to visit the Prado museum, the Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida church and the Parque del Retiro. Go Flamenco Dancing in Casa Patas as well!