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Milan City Breaks

Milan may not have the fine finish of Verona or the fancies of Venice, but it is one of the most sophisticated cities in Europe. It is a pleasure to wander around the main square with its impressive cathedral, visit Da Vinci's Last Supper or see La Scala which is possibly the finest Opera House in the world.

Milan's role in world fashion design is evident with a vast range of upmarket designer boutiques and expensive department stores. Every pavement is essentially a catwalk - even the police dress as though they're just out of the pages of Vogue. Buy something outrageous and you'll fit in effortlessly with the rest of the city.

Another reason to visit Milan is the lakes; Lake Como is only 40 minutes north of the city by train, which is a small length of time to sacrifice for such a gorgeous lake. After a couple of days swanking around town there is nothing better than a day of fresh air strolling through the fine lakeside villages. It’s almost like two holidays in one.


Milan is one of the fashion centres of Europe, so anyone interested in fashion will adore the city. Everyone in Milan seems to be involved with the fashion industry somehow, and the more outrageous you dress the more you’ll fit in. This Italian city is the perfect city break for anyone hoping to have an amazing city break that focuses on their interest in fashion.

When in Milan...

Make sure to visit the Cathedral Square, La Scala theatre, San Satiro Church and the San Siro football pitch.