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Stockholm City Breaks

Stockholm is home to Kungstradgarden - a garden bordered by cafe terraces and alive with kids. Kungstradgarden is the spiritual epicentre of Stockholm, the scene of a 1971 protest that saw hundreds of citizens chain themselves to the elm trees that were about to be cut down by developers. The elm trees still stand and that same free-thinking optimism spreads its roots into every part of this amazing city!

Located on the southeast coast of Sweden on the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is built on 14 different islands. The old city (Gamla Stan) is now a fascinating melee of Renaissance buildings that is interspersed with medieval alleys, with shops and restaurants squeezed into the passageways. Soldermalm, the old working-class district south of Gamla Stan, is the new hip area with many clubs, bars and restaurants for visitors to enjoy.

The modern centre of the city has wide streets, shops, office blocks and parks, which means that Stockholm is one of Europe's cleanest and most attractive cities. It is also known worldwide for its cleanliness and fantastic atmosphere, as well as the fact that the majority of tourists return to the city.


If you’re looking for somewhere to dine, you should visit the old working class district of Stockholm, as it is the main area that visitors dine in. Don’t forget to try out to local cuisine!

When in Stockholm...

Make sure to visit the Toy Palace, the Kunstradgardn (King’s Garden) and the Kungliga Slottet (Royal Palace)!