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Cheap Malta Holidays

Malta consists of seven islands in the Mediterranean sea. Of the seven islands, only the three largest islands are inhabited – Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta has seven thousand years of history, and some of the local traditions are still thriving! Holidaymakers interested in history will love Malta, and Malta is definitely a destination that has something for everyone, from sun to a vibrant nightlife.

Those who visit Gozo will love the peaceful way of life there, and those who choose to visit Valletta and Mdina will absolutely adore the Knights of St. John’s legacy. Malta’s religious ‘festas’, gorgeous churches and glittering firework displays may also interest holidaymakers. Malta certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to scenery, as it is home to megalithic temples, rugged countryside and dramatic cliffs. Those searching for underwater scenery can submerge themselves into a diver’s paradise.