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Holidays to Valetta

Valleta is Malta’s capital city and is also a world heritage site. It has been compared to ‘an open-air museum’ as it is essentially a living experience of Baroque architecture, and throughout the years Valletta has been home to emperors, and heads of state. It is now the permanent seat of the Maltese government.

The city is one of Malta’s main tourist attractions, as it is home to a majestic cathedral, the imposing bastions and a large number of priceless paintings. Valletta also has a stunning view of Malta’s Grand Harbour, which has often been described as the most beautiful harbor in the Mediterranean.

The city’s unique setting means that it now plays hosts to a series of cultural events from theatre to English as well as concerts by leading opera singers. Though Valletta is a hive of business activity during the day, the city slows down at night time. This can be used to holidaymakers’ advantage if they feel like getting away from the noise and taking a stroll to admire the beauty of the fortified capital.