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Cheap Shanghai Holidays

Shanghai is China’s biggest city, and it’s known for having an atmosphere of vitality and possesses a dynamic which rivals that of New York in the United States and Paris in France in relation to being modern. Shanghai is in the center of China’s eastern coastline and is one of China’s greatest cultural centers. The city has a long history as a trading port and is the largest economic and trade center in China.

Shanghai’s gorgeous night scenery is a highlight that visitors will never forget after their Shanghai trip.  When night falls, the entire city is lit up by colourful lights, which are absolutely amazing when pictured next to the moon.

The name of the city means ‘on the sea’ and most of the city (including Chongming Island) is only a few metres above sea level and is criss –crossed by a maze of natural waterways. It is a busy sea port and is also home to a science and technology center. This beautiful city has a variety of attractions, so don’t delay and book your holiday today with Travelfox!